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New era

About Us

Somewhere far away in the universe, Meta Planet Club appears. A collection of 5,555 algorithmically generated psychedelic planets, offering its community a friendly ecosystem for life on the Web3.

Leaving in the past the fact of being just a PFP... the beginning of a new era is part of a project built in the Cronos chain. The club provides distinction, profitability and functionality, from an original NFT clothing brand, to a Dapp that generates passive income to the holders.


The artwork is based on nice and personalized planets, which have different attributes, such as: mouths, eyes, rings, accessories, backgrounds, and more... At the same time, these attributes have many variations, allowing to generate a lot of crazy variations of planets.


+17 traits


+11 traits


+15 traits


+18 traits



The Big Bang

The origin of everything. Here is where the planets are generated algorithmically through crazy programming codes, with the different attributes and the unique rarities.


The Expansion

In this stage starts the marketing campaign and strategies to grow the community and motivate people to enjoy a funny life in the Meta Planet ecosystem.


The Arriving

In this stage the explorers will be able to arrive at their Meta Planets. Colonization begins.


Moonland Distribution

After the Drop, those lucky ones who have got the "Certificated Moon" attribute on their planet, will be able to claim a real moon land, which will be 1 hectare, and the title will be in the name of the NFT owner.


Fashion Brand

This stage is based on the launch of our own clothing brand, with its e-commerce included, where both holders and people from the community who could not get their meta planet, will be able to buy official clothes from the collection. This clothing brand will be different from other NFT collection merchandising stores, and it will be composed of two types of articles: On the one hand it will have standard items, this will be merch made in series, that anyone who pays for it will be able to buy and will have original designs created by the same designers of the Meta Planet. On the other hand there will be what we call "NFT Merch", these will be personalized clothes, that only holders will be able to buy, and that will be linked to the exact NFT of the holder who buys it. They will also have a QR code linked to the collectible, making the merch unique. This would open many possibilities, for example: enter a private Meta Planet event simply by wearing your NFT Merch, get discounts in specific stores in different cities, or simply by wearing your favorite hoodie this will generate passive income, so the possibilities to be developed are very interesting.



What is an NFT collection without its own space in the metaverse? As we already know, the terms "NFT", "Metaverse" and "Web3" go hand in hand so, in order to meet the expectations, at this stage we will create our own space in the Sandbox Metaverse, where both holders and other members of the community will be able to interact, play, trade and attend official Meta Planet events, where announcements will be made and giveaways will be organized.


My System App

MySystemApp is a decentralized app in which the user will have the possibility to link his planets and make them generate passive incomes through the Dapp. Depending on the rarity of the planet and other characteristics that will be specified later, the owner is going to be rewarded with a certain amount of a utility token, which will be executed on the Cronos Blockchain. The Dapp is based on a solar system formed by three planets with each one having its own ecosystem. The user would be able to upgrade his system by adding more planets to it, which would result in more utility Tokens and therefore more profits. Also, the app will be able to admit NFTs from future Drops that will expand the opportunities for the owner. The number of tokens the user receives depends on the following factors: the quantity of planets, their rarity, and the extra attributes of each ecosystem. These extra properties will be collectibles from future Drops that will have an impact on the generation of each planet's utility token. As an example: If a planet generates X amount of tokens every day, and the owner gets an alien in a future drop (example of our upcoming ideas) by linking it to the ecosystem, the planet will produce x% more tokens.



CRC-20 token - Limited supply

MySystem App 55%
Creators 15%
Holders 25%
Marketing 5%


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Founders and collaborators of Meta Planeta Club.

Agustin Cala


Graphic designer and community manager, planets design.

Ignacio Pierri


Computer engineering student, blockchain and web3 enthusiast.

Tomas Tusini


Industrial designer and photographer. Visual art expert.

Bianca Mesiano


International trade student. Official translator.

Owen Pellegrino


Instagram & Tiktok influencer. Marketing campaign.


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